Beavers are nature’s water engineers. They coppice trees, build dams and lodges, and dig canals and burrows. In doing so they create niches for many other species and provide multiple benefits for people. However, in our drained, farmed, urbanised and heavily managed landscapes, it is these same aspects of beaver behaviour which can bring them into conflict with human activities and mean that sometimes management is required.

With beavers now back in Britain after an absence of over 400 years, we need to re-learn what beavers do and how to live alongside them. This website has been designed to share and spread expertise on beaver management so that we can learn to live alongside beavers again.

People and beavers are already living side-by-side in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere and we can learn from successful management strategies.

Wherever wild beavers are living, there is huge demand for accurate information about beaver ecology and behaviour. This website aims to make this information available in a variety of formats and provide access to pragmatic support for landowners and other practitioners, as well as providing links to other sources of information.

How to manage beaver-human conflicts

Making Space For Beavers

By making space for beavers you can resolve the majority of conflicts.

Mitigating Impacts

Where conflicts are being experienced there are a range of well-established mitigation and management techniques that can be implemented

Beaver Removal

As a last resort beavers can be removed from a specific location where conflicts are being experienced