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Matt Holden

Beaver Project Lead

Devon Wildlife Trust


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The Tamar Beaver Management Group has been established by a partnership of organisations to oversee the activity of wild beavers living within catchments in the Tamar catchment. The group has been formed so that stakeholder groups with an interest in the wild beaver population can be represented in the decisions made about how the beavers are monitored and responses given to beaver activity.

The full Beaver Management Group will be convened for an Annual Forum of local interested people and organisations to represent the interests of the people that live, work in and visit the Tamar Valley. If you need any further information or support in the meantime then please don’t hesitate to
get in contact.

The Group covers the whole River Tamar catchment including the main River Tamar, the Inny, Thrushel, Wolf, Lyd, Carey, Deer, Claw, Ottery, Tavy, Walkham, Lynher and smaller tributaries.

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